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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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emergencies along the east coast. on your right, storm team 4 radar is tracking a nor'easter starting tonight and then for the weekend i'm in here with chuck bell. we were dry for so long but now we're getting all this rain. what do you think? >> honestly yes. because yesterday's rain, we had 2 to 4 inches and that sort of essentially resaturated the ground. you're right we've been more than 5 inches of rain since august 1st. we were dry. unfortunately the rain resaturated the ground and now the next rain that comes our way could really spell trouble around here. first things first, is the surefire bet of the nor'easter. strongest winds likely during the day on saturday. how much of each, rain, 3 to 6 inches on average across the area and winds could gust to over 40 miles an hour. there's been a significant
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change in the forecast track for hurricane joaquin. still a great deal of uncertainty, but it keeps the center of the circulation offshore. either way, it means wind and rain continuing on into your sunday as well. so it's a wet start this morning. temperatures are in the 50s. it will be a cloudy and wet day. take your umbrella and your raincoat out the door this morning. temperatures will struggle to get back near 60 degrees. angie, back to you. >> thank you so much, chuck. right now storm team 4 is keeping an eye on two weather systems heading our way. hurricane joaquin could make landfall sunday or monday and the track of that hurricane could change depending on the nor'easter. rain expected to bring a lot of rain to the area. "news4's" megan mcgrath with a look at one area that we know is very prone to flooding. >> reporter: this is definitely a spot prone to flooding. we're getting light rate right
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now in old towne, alexandria. i'm standing right at the base here. typically what we have when we have a flooding situation, we see the water coming right on up king street. you can see we have businesses along this low lying area here. these businesses prone to flooding. later on as we continue to watch the systems coming through, we're expecting to see sandbags begin to come out here for people to grab if they feel they here in danger of flooding. that's what happens typically in these kinds of situations. as you're saying, we've got two systems. the nor'easter and, of course, hurricane joaquin which the latest forecast showing it more off the coast. that's good news, but we're still expecting a lot of rain and we've already had a lot of rain. take a look at this. we've had some issues with flooding yesterday in loudoun county. this is actually hamilton station road in loudoun county. the floodwaters caused a big
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hole to open in the road there. a lot of repair work that needs to be done. they had to shut the road down in that immediate area. there was a neighborhood in the leesburg area. they had a tremendous amount of flooding. several feet of water going into houses in this one community. they've got a mess to clean up. we've got more rain coming our way. we'll keep a close eye on it and let you know what to dond a how to prepare. back to you all in the studio. >> hurricane joaquin is slamming the bahamas right now. the storm is getting stronger. it was upgraded to a category three. joaquin is in the atlantic and could move up the east coast next. hurricane warnings are in effect in the central islands of the bahamas. winds there gusting up to 120 miles an hour. the bahamas could get well over a foot of rain. we're all watching and waiting. eun? >> kristin, thank you. one thing everybody can do to
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get ready is download the washington nbc app. you can download upto the minute-forecasts. >> right now taking a look at your traffic this morning we still have the problem in manassas. one block there, i hear in my ear. taking a look at 95 as you're headed northbound on 95, you can see travel times look okay. northbound to woodbridge, a tad slow. all the way up to the beltway or down from the beltway. down to frederick, down to hyattstown, no problem. taking a look over here. no problems on i-95 or b.w. parkway. heading down the district looking pretty good. back in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. two men are dead this morning. homicide investigators are trying to figure out who killed them. they say last night's shootings were not random.
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they both died at central gardens ii in capitol heights. a man charged in the murders of two sisters, katharine lyon and sheila lyon who disappeared on their way to the mall. they were never found. we expect the judge will appoint an attorney to his case. also today we plan to check on a triple murder case in alexandr alexandria. charles severance has one last hearing before his trial. he faces charges in the killing of three alexandria residents in a ten-year span. today's haring will likely revolve around severance's mental health. defense says he will not plead guilty by reason of insanity but they want to use his condition to prove writings were not his.
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his trial starts monday. today your water bill could be going up. mark segraves says the water could bed aed to your bill. it could cost as much as $10 more every month. if you live in the newer homes, you could be paying even more that that. houses with new water sprinkler systems could see new fees of more than $40 and sometimes as much as $80 every month. a developing story now. a judge has approved a restraining order blocking an execution in virginia. convicted serial killer alfredo prieto is set to be put to death tonight. the judge wants to stop the execution until they look over the drugs to be used in the execution. we'll follow that and bring you any updates on the washington app. it's 6:06. government nair low rowely avoided a government shutdown.
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if you're an employee, your paycheck will keep coming. it will run until december 11th. the next set of talks will be on a new budget and funding planned parenthood. the scary moment after he said he pressed the brake. and a woman attacked steps from the an arlington high school. the connection the police are trying to make. state of emergency. we're in the packet of a nor'easter, potentially a hurricane. how it w
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i noticed when he jumped the curb, ran across, and ran into the people. people started screaming. people were flying everywhere. >> five people are recovering
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after a cab drove into a crowd of pedestrians in new york city. i don't know if you can see that video. that's where the cap jumped the curb. it happened aet a school bus stop in the bronx. four children were among the five hurt. two hurt, including a girl are in critical condition. >> very scary. taking a look at the weather. >> we're not talking one, but two storm systems are heading our way. let's check in with lauren ricketts. we're coming in with a bang here. your drive time forecast looking wet. look at the temperatures on the cool side as well. so this morning, this evening really not going to be too bad.
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but tomorrow morning's commute is going to be a little on the tough side. we're going to talk about hurricane joaquin. that's coming up in a few minutes. 25 minutes behind at this point. southbound 270 germantown to the spur. top of the beltway, 12 minutes. no major problem there at this point. this morning 66 inbound looks good and quantico to the beltway you're on time at 28 minutes. the section from quantico, 16 minutes. looking good. back in ten minutes. >> melissa, thanks. after a wedding it's normal for couples to send out thank-you cards. we'll tell you why one bride is flat out sending her guests a bill. another nfl team refuses to use it this sunday night.
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right now storm team 4 is
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keeping an eye on two weather systems. storm team 4 says the track of the hurricane could change depending on this weekend's nor'easter. they held a meeting to discuss recourse and evacuation plans. in kitty hawk the big concern is floodwater breaching the sand dunes and spilling onto the streets. local fire departments says everyone should be thinking about their own emergency plans for the hurricane. hurricane joaquin strengthened overnight to a category 3. it's still uncertain whether it will be impact the coast. the weather channel's mike seidel joins us this morning. good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. even if there's not a direct hit, lit stiit will still have e impact. i'm at virginia beach.
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beach erosion, coastal flooding, moderate coastal flooding as we get into friday and saturday. and inland, a boat load of rain. this will cause not olk flash flooding. we could get 3 to 5 inches of rain even if we don't have a direct impact from hurricane joaquin. so just keep that in mind. there's the track now. the national hurricane center has adjusted it to the east overnight. notice there's no more landfall officially if you take the center. remember to keep an yeah on the cone and more than likely they'll probably adjust it a little farther east as we go through today and toornlt. the european motdle has been the bellwether so far, keeping it off the coast for the past couple of days in its forecast and now it seems like the american model is adjusting that way. not etched in stone. certainly you need to be cautious, stay with us. stay with wrc, especially if you have any property down on the
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maryland/delaware/virginia coast. again, it's looking better but again emphasizing we're going to have a lot of wind, a lot of rain, and a lot more beach erosion. back to you. >> we'll have to watch closely. mike seidel at virginia beach this morning. thank you, mike. this morning's nor'easter expected to bring a lot of rain. a 4 foot wall of water slammed into some homes on trun gate court. take a look at this. flooding forced several streets in lound county to overflow. it caused a bridge to collapse. emergency responders are aurj urging people to plan ahead. >> be aware of what's going on, understand what's coming in. understand your schedule and how the weather might impact that schedule. >> friday and saturday our area could see between 3 to 6 inches of rain. there are several things you can do right now to start
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preparing a big one is to make sure leaves are cleared from your gutters and you up spouts. also make sure you have a few tank of gas in your car. know how to get in touch as well. a new attack in a series of attempted sexual assaults. we asked. police do not think the same person is responsible for all of them. watchful neighbors may be all that kept a 23-year-old woman from becoming the latest victim tuesday night. ali sorbi said he heard a scream like he never heard before and that's when he jumped off his couch. >> i go out, see the girl point to the left and i see my neighbor running after the person. >> reporter: police say the woman had just gotten off the bus. she had gotten off at north quincy street. officers say that's when the
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suspect grabbed her from behind, put her in sort of a headlock and pulled her into the bushes. former florida governor jeb bush wasviewed on sirius xm. >> it's a sport for crying out loud it's a football team. >> that was aust just a pork from the football show. it airs tomorrow night. the eagles also weighed in on the name. their media guide does not use the team redskins at all. it refers to the team as washington. we know that could change depending what joaquin brings to the area.
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>> that's right. we know that going to a wedding is such a happy occasion. once i got married i enjoyed it even more, but it's expensive. >> it sure is. it costs a lot of money and adds up fast. if you have kids you can sometimes be aet the mercy of your baby-sitter. that's what happen had. they didn't show up to a wedding after their baby-sitter backed out. that did not sit well with the bride who billed them for the two missed meals. it was just over $75 for the two an trays. they also wanted an explanation for why the couple was no-shows. >> i guess i don't know what the right thing would should have been. >> you should never follow up after the fact and-on-why they couldn't attend or much less send a bill. >> it included two meals and a
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surcharge. they say they don't plan on paying the bill. >> we understand people rsvp and don't show up and it's a high cost but i never heard of sending a bill to the missing guest. >> i think both of us agree if there is an emergency like that and someone who has kids unless you want them bringing the kid owes to the wedding -- >> you can't plan that. >> talk about the weather today. i had to take it up a notch when it came to my jacket this morning. >> now we need hats and galoshes. >> and hip waders. you know how hip those are. it feels about 20 degrees colder than yesterday's september raindrops. outside, cloudy skies and a wet start to the day. umbrellas required start to finish today. there's the nor'easter which we deal with tomorrow and saturday and, of course, the very latest
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on hurricane joaquin. you saw mike seidel mention the new forecast keeps the center of circulation potentially off the eastern seaboard. but, again, anywhere inside the cone is a potential for where the storm could be located as we get into early monday and tuesday. so we're going to have to watch this very carefully. with time the forecast track seems to be staying a little bit farther offshore. that's good news. there's still a lot of news. we'll be keeping you posted. in the meantime the nor'easter is a clear thing. clear out the gutters and the downspouts. make sure any pumps or generators are working right now because we have a potential for an enormous amount of rainfall here on friday and saturday. light rain shower and drizzle today. both tomorrow and saturday, wind-driven rain across the area. rain could pile up to several inches each day, two days in a row. there's the radar. you can see a couple of light rain showers around. your rain slick were a little
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insulated layer, probably a good idea. how much rain might we be facing between friday and saturday combined? i think at least 2 to 3 inches in northern maryland and at least 3 to maybe 6 inches or more for southern m. oaryland o onto the eastern shore. the flash flood watches have already been issued for friday and saturday. a quick check of that seven-day forecast. cold and rainy outsidetoday with showers around and then a lot of rain and wind as we get into friday and saturday. melissa mollet with a check on traffic. >> good morning wchl're going to look at prince george's county because of the rain here. you can see some slowdowns here especially here. 220, indian head highway pretty slow. still have this crash. keeping an eye on that one for you as well. a big look at the beltway getting slow. top of the beltway totally typical.
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as you're headed out from frederick here, iowa 70 to the spur, it's going take longer. back in ten. we'll see you then. >> thank you, melissa. starting today you can drive a little faster on one maryland highway. the speed increases to 70 miles an hour in western maryland. it used to be 5 miles an hour. governor hogan signed it. supporters urge lawmakers to follow bordering states that also have highways with the 70-mile-per-hour speed limit. developing story, russia's attack on syria will be on the minds of delegates saying that the country carried out air strikes on isis and syria yesterday. russia launched a series of strikes but u.s. officials are not convinced the attacks were aim at the terror group. it happened in areas not
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controlled fwi islamic state. an opposition leader says dozens of civilians were killed. if you were hoping to win the $300 million powerball jackpot. i hope you bought that ticket this michigan. the only winning ticket that was sold at a gas station. here are the numbers in case you won something. >> i literally was in michigan two days ago. always. this always happens. someone always wins from herndon, virginia, right down the street or wherever i have a layover. awesome. 6:26. the rain is trickling down in the d.c. metro area and it might not rain for days and the nor'easter that could hit our area. the healthish that may kick out hundreds this morning. a report that says a top
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official leaks information and how
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right now it's time to download the nbc washington app. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is eyeing aa nor'easter. and right now a double murder in capitol heights and the police to not think it's random. i'm angie goff. and i'm eun yang. light rain is falling if there alexandria this morning. by the weekend you can forget about having some plans. let's check in with chuck bell on what all of this means. hey, chuck. >> your weekend plans need to be very, very flexible. a lot of athletic events are being canceled or postponed. stay aware of the weather plans or the weekend. right now it's cold and wet outside. upper 50s.
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prince george's county to fredericksburg, those showers are lifting to the north and east. flash flood watches are posted from friday and saturday as anywhere between 3 to 6 inches of rain will be possible friday and saturday. for today, cloudy, cool, and wet with occasional light rain showers on and off through much of the day. temperatures barely getting abong the 60-degree mark. 6:40rks'll let you know where the heaviest rain and wind will be. right now we check in with melissa. >> out here, a tad slow. pretty typical, of course b tu rain in certain areas not helping things. road-wise, a lot of moisture over 301 there. you can see 210 look as little bit better. as you're headed inbound on branch avenue, we're a little bit slow as you cross over 301. taking a look outside, looking good the entire way and gets a little slow as you're headed
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over the bridge. 270 southbound as you're approaching southbound. a little slow there. camden, we're 18 minutes behind. pack that patience this morning. see you in a few minutes. >> thank you, melissa. an investigation into gunfire that killed two men in prince george's county. neighbors tell "news4" they heard as many as six gunshots before 8:00 last night. derrick ward is at central gardens right now. derrick. >> reporter: when they got here that is correct i found two men dead. they're told both of the vilk tims we t victims were inside an apartment complex, the hallway of an apartment complex. were dead on the scene. police have not released their identity or possible motive or
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suspect investigation. police stayed here until at least 11:00, maybe midnight investigating this crime. now, they will hopefully today release more information about the victims wlrks they lived here or whether they were here for some other republican. that was just back inall july when on the other side of this apartment complex two security guards were gunned down while they were in their cars in the parking lots. one of those security guards died. no indication from police if there's any connection between those incidents. we're live in capitol heights. derrick ward, "news4." back to you. right now, extreme flooding to tell you about in south carolina and possibly a bridge collapse. this picture was tweeted a little while ago. you see there a car submerged in the water. we're hearing four cars are under water here. several major roadways around
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this area in south carolina, about a dozen are shut down. this is in spartanburg where people are stranded in some places because of all of the heavy flooding. this is the bridge that collapsed. the area under a flood warning right now. back to you. kristin, thanks so much. 6:34. today students in prince george's schools may not be allowed inside their classrooms. more than 3,000 students have not had their vaccinations a month into school. a spokesperson told "news4" any student who does not have their shots will have to leave school until they're in compliance. jill harrington, the mother of morgan harrington, spoke with mathew's mother in court. she offered her condolences. gentlemeny mathew is charged with murder.
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harrington said mathew is on trial, not her family. her daughter died in 2009. the murder trial will begin october 24th, 2016. a long time away for the harrington family. >> that's a long time for us to keep this ball rolling. that will be seven years. seven years after the event. >> mathew already faces up to life in prison after being convicted of attempted murder in fairfax. he's also facing trial for the murder of uva student hannah graham. today is the deadline for recommendation for the use of body cams in maryland. they have to make its suggestion to the general assembly and the police training commission by the end of the day. the goal is to have a statewide list of best practices by the beginning of next year. 6:36 now. you can pretty much rate everything online these days.
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there's a new app coming out. you can rate people. it sound as little dangerous. you can go on and rate people. your bad reviews won't come down unless they violate the site's service. i find that troublesome because we're doing a bekind campaign. you have to be careful. see my hands here? >> watch what you say. >> #be kind and share it on social media. secret service officials find themselves under fire. did they try to leak his personal information? >> check storm team 4 radar. can the kids expect a downpour
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scandal may be the biggest scandal yet is unfolding at the secret service. this time the ak zagss go all the way to the top. the report accuses the agency's assistant director a leak of information to embarrass a congressman. the report says edward lowery exposed congressman jason cha f chaffetz's 2003 rejection. >> it's scary to me. i shudder to think what they're doing to other people. >> they say it was an act of retaliation. congressman chaffetz is investigate i investigating them. the report cites an e-mail where lowery wrote some information he
6:41 am
might find embarrassing needs to get out just to be fair. "weather & traffic on the 1s." a big day when we're closely watching the skies. >> we're not only watching the nor'easter but joaquin and what joaquin is doing. lauryn, this is something that has intensified so quickly. >> reporter: you're right. this is going to be a one-two pun punch. there's a stock coming up and then for the end of the weekend and early next week. now we're dealing with just a few sprinkles and some light rain. that's the way it a going to be throughout the remainder of the day. heavier rain picking up today and tomorrow. rain showers throughout the day. we've got your full forecast for the day and talking about hurricane joaquin in 17 minutes.
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>> good morning. we have a little bit of a problem on 270. that's because of an earlier crash. montrose looks like they've cleared that out. don't have to worry about that. a little slow to germantown. you can see the beltway there. top of the beltway, outer loop, taking you 30 minutes. colesville, 24. nuz 4 working to protect your money. you're supposed to have an upgrade to one item inside your wallet to protect you from fraud. what to do if you haven't received it. >> we have a lot of major weather on our door step. light rain already coming down. it's only going to get worse. two major storm systems creating a double whammy of bad weather. the latest and when and where it
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heavy rain likely tomorrow afternoon and winds could be up to 40 miles an hour.
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flooding concerns are increasing dramatically. how much rain we might expect and the latest track on hurricane joaquin is minutes away. back to you, angie. >> thanks, chuck. right now hurricane joaquin is slamming the bams where it was upgraded to a category 3 overnight. nbc's reporter is there now. how is it looking? >> reporter: people are surprised it's strengthened to a category 3. that means 100 miles an hour. where i'm standing in nassau, it appears it's simply going to be tropical force winding here. you can see i don't need my raincoat but you can see it blowing. further east is the real concern out in areas like san salvador island, cat island, long island. populations there are anywhere from 100 to about 3,000.
6:47 am
but with a category 3 storm coming and in some places already hitting, communications knocked out, they're getting hammered, and a lot of folks are caught off guard because folks were paying attention, of course, where you're living in an area where there are hurricaning. it's one you'll always have your eye on. but when they went to bed with a category 1 and waking up with a category 3, it's a whole other story. the greatest concern, angie s what is the track? is it going to make it to the washington area. it certainly looks like at this point that cone of uncertainty certainly has where you live in its sights. >> i it sure does. kerry sanders for us live in the bla bahamas in the middle of it all. thanks, kerry. >> we expect heavy rain as a nor'easter helds our way. storm team 4 meteorologists say we could see several inches of rain this weekend. "news4's" megan mcgrath is live
6:48 am
in alexandria with an area prone to flooding during storms. alexandria always gets hit. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the bottom of king street. this is an area prone to flooding. they know the drill. they know it well and there's going to be preparations taken later today. right now we have light rain, but with all the rain headed our way, there are real concerns about the potential for flooding. what we typically i see is water coming up along king street and all the businesses here along the low lying area. they often are threatened by flooding. and so the sand bags, no doubt, are going to be coming out here as we're excting all of this rain. two systems am nor'easter and hurricane joaquin. take a look at this video. this is from yesterday. a number of spots had flooding. this is in hamilton station.
6:49 am
a big hole opened up in the middle of that road that had to be shut down. repair work needed to be done there. there was also a neighborhood in the leesburg area where several feet of water went rushing into homes there. things got absolutely soaked and drenched. they're still cleaning that up. we're expecting a lot of rain over the coming days. we'll of course be on top of it. we'll let you know exactly how much we're expecting and what you need to do to make sure your property is safe. back to you all. >> thanks, megan. organizers for howard's homecoming are keeping an eye on the forecast. they' they playing on saturday night. right now the game is moving forward but heavy rain could wash out those plans and the taste of georgetown is also happening this weekend but organizers say rain won't be a problem. >> it is now 6:49.
6:50 am
in court today, the convicted sex offender that faces murder charges in the disappearance of two sisters 1rdisappeared in 19. they never came home and police have never found their bodies. we expect a judge will appoint an attorney to its case. also today we plan to check on a triple murder case in alexandria. charles severance has one last hearing before his trial. he faces charges in the killings of three alexandria residents over a ten-year span. the defense says they do not plan to plead guilty by reason of insanity but they want to use writings. today a little one-on-one on those new chip credit cards that
6:51 am
are supposed to better protect you from fraud. it is the government imposed deadline for businesses to have the new card readers. your credit or debit card company may have a new card in the mail to you. the nuts and bolts of the changes you should expect in the future. good morning. i'm cnbc's landon dowdy. facebook rolls out new profiles. there are loops clips you can use sinstead of a static pictur similar to vine and facebook is giving you more ways to control your privacy. that's your cn b bc news. i'm landon dowdy. >> regarding the exact track of joaquin, this is going to be a major effect. >> and the nor'easter too.
6:52 am
>> it's more of a sure bet for us than joaquin. it's closer and there's a lot more certainty of the track of the nor'easter. joaquin is a long way out. with each run of it, it may stay a little farther off the coast. for today, back into the cool weather. welcome to an october rainy day. temperatures about 20 degrees colder today than yesterday, barely making it up to 60. not much rain today. it's friday and saturday. this is the two-day rain total for tomorrow and saturday. 2 to 3 inches at least suspected across parts of northern maryland and 3 to 6 inches or more. even higher amounts. some parts of the lower delmarva could get up to 10 inches of rain. as a result, floosh flood watches are posed for friday and saturday and everywhere south and east of us.
6:53 am
what do you need to do. that's today. get out there and get your gutters and downspouts cleaned out. make sure your generators and pumps are working. if you have valuables in the basement york maw i want to get them to higher ground. rain showers expected. struggling to get back up to near 60 and raindrops already on storm team 4 radar. nothing today. today's rainfall will be fairly light. an attempt of a quarter inch of rain. that's about it. it's friday and saturday. the latest forecast, the new track is substantially farther to the east and keeps it off the delmarva. we'll keep you posted on that. here's your seven-day forecast. cold and light rain today. windy and heavy rain tomorrow and saturday. waiting on joaquin sunday and murnld. melissa? >> thank you, chuck. a little bit slow. had an earlier crash that. is now out of the way. don't have to worry about that
6:54 am
one too much this morning. manassas right now, prince williams parkway, still have that crash with some lanes closed. north of quantico is okay. as you're headed to want co-in the northbound lanes, really nice and green till you get to woodbridge. a little red there and then it clears out and you're okay. right now taking a look here arc big look at the beltway, we're slow here at the top of the beltway, inbound, 295. also the inner loop as you're approaching the woodrow wilson bridge. guys? >> thank you, melissa. 6:54. congress narrowly avoided a shutdown. that means if you're a government worker, your paycheck will keep coming. last night president obama signed a continuing resolution that will keep the government running until november 11th.
6:55 am
if you live in loud p county, there's a new app that will keep you safe. you can see real life information on traffic crashes and crime. you can send in anonymous tips and photos to deputies from your phone. the sheriff's office says if you're in an emergency, you should not use the app. instead call 911. >> now, for your four things to know this thursday morning. the man facing charges for the two lyon sisters will make his appearance in court today. the judge will likely appoint an attorney. water fees go up in d.c. today. they could add up to hundreds of dollars to your bill this year. joom prince george's county police are investigating a double murder. neighbors heard as many as six gunshots last night. hurricane joaquin making its way to the mid-atlantic region sunday or monday, but this
6:56 am
nor'easter is expected to bring heavy rain to our area friday or saturday, chuck. >> absolutely. temperatures only near 60 today. no heavy rain today. it's tomorrow and saturday. heavy rain and strong binlwinds across the area could cause big troubles, outages and others. right now we're seeing delays in prince george's county because of all of the rain. take a look at that. it is really slow through the area. 210. indian head highway. you're pretty slow. taking a look at branch avenue. again, slow spots we don't typically see because of the moisture that is falling. also taking a look at b.w. parkway inbound and outbound slow as well. >> we're asking you to join our campaign by standing up against
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bullying by writing #be kind and don't forget to be nbc. we're going to. >> such an important issue. >> we'll be back. hope to see you then. until then, everybody. be kind. >> be kind, everybody. >> that's right. be kind. ♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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good morning. breaking overnight, joaquin, a major category three hurricane and getting stronger. the east coast on alert from florida to new england. where does the latest forecast have this powerful storm headed? new airstrikes. russia jets carry out more bombings in syria overnight as the u.s. bomb the russians for fanning the flames. >> that approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> as tensions heat up between washington and moscow, what exactly is putin up to? drip, drip, drip. the latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails show spammers tried to hack into her e-mail account. a


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